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More than seven million people have heard Brandon Roe speak about fashion consumer insights and trends, especially as it relates to the role of technology in today’s hyper-connected world. He has been featured in mainstream media outlets, including SiriusXM, the iHeart Radio Network and the Jim Bohannon show.

His core areas of specialty revolve around the consumer-behavior driven marketing and technology. Clients often come looking for help with:

  • How to attract new customers happy to pay regular price for your offerings
  • How to maximize the value of a new customers
  • How to create compelling offers that don’t rely on discounting… even when consumers aren’t spending
  • How to make new and long-term customers more resistant to competing sales messages
  • How to emotionally connect with your consumer
  • How to create a more efficient marketing machine
  • How to create a highly-personalized experience for your consumer at scale using technology
  • How to apply modern metrics tracking to identify new sales opportunities within your existing customer base

To book in a one-hour private consultation with him, simply complete the form below. The fee is $100, which will be credited to any further services you undertake within 30 days of the session.

Appointments will be scheduled over the phone via Zoom (voice-only) or by telephone, at your preference.

Our guarantee: If you aren’t happy with the session, let us know and receive a refund.

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