Successfully Creating Wearable Tech Products With Consumers in Mind

Successfully Creating Wearable Tech Products With Consumers in Mind

It started with a pendant that transformed into fully functional earphones. In the process, Seetal Fatania saw the struggle many wearables designers have building a customer base for a sale that relies on a lot of education. Now a respected industry leader, she heads Fifth & Blue, a platform that sells fashion tech.


  • The three elements of a great wearables product
  • Why it’s a bad idea to try to be “revolutionary” and the approach that works better
  • Why it often pays to have less tech in a fashion tech product
  • Why most wearables products fail and how to address the problem of slow consumer adoption
  • For designers of wearables products: The #1 most important question to ask yourself before you get to work
About Our Guest

Seetal Fatania

Seetal Fatania, Brand & Marketing aficionado turned Entrepreneur & Founder of Fifth & Blue – the go-to platform for Stylish Smart Tech under one roof.

For the last 15 years, Seetal has worked with multiple FTSE companies within the Financial, Retail, Telecoms and more recently Fashion Tech industry. Her strengths and passion include developing and launching great brands and products that connect and engage with consumers.

She is a great believer in technology that can help solve life’s pain points and be stylish at the same time. Whether it saves us a couple of minutes a day, keeps us safe, keeps us connected or keeps us healthy.

Her mantra in life is ‘You Got This. Now Own It.’


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