The “Accidental” Luxury Brand

The “Accidental” Luxury Brand

An overheard comment prompted artist and sculptor Rosemary Goodenough to print 150 copies of her work onto silk scarves. That simple act launched a luxury brand that has become something of a hidden gem for consumers who want something you can’t find in every luxury retailer.


  • The key to serving a luxury consumer well in a highly competitive market
  • The best product-pricing advice anyone has ever shared on our program
  • Great advice for any artist who wants to stand head and shoulders above the competition (in fashion and other arenas)
  • An easy way to expand a brand without spending a lot of money
About Our Guest

Rosemary Goodenough

Rosemary Goodenough is an artist, painter, sculptor and designer for her eponymous luxurious fashion label.

The Rosemary Goodenough brand is based in Norfolk, England and is renowned for luxury products and elegant packaging.  Both her Silk Twill and her Velvet Scarves are printed in Italy near Lake Como and are digital color variations she has made herself from her original oil paintings. The Rosemary Goodenough Ties and long cashmere and silk scarves are woven and made in England.  Every product and every packaging detail is designed by Rosemary Goodenough and, apart from the innate quality that is essential to a heritage fashion label, it also epitomizes the quirky and eclectic 21st Century English aristocratic style.  A great British Brand!


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