What Makes Oprah, Goop and Spanx Winning Brands

What Makes Oprah, Goop and Spanx Winning Brands

Fashion designer by training and serial entrepreneur by temperament, Rachael McCrary has seen a lot, done a lot – and learned a lot – over her 25 years in the business.


  • Why the days of going viral with no budget are over – what works in the new world of fashion marketing.
  • 3 elements – based on your values – that make you stand out in the market.
  • The marketing “secret” that made Oprah, Goop and Spanx winning brands.
  • How a tirade against women in business turned into a colossal positive event for Rachael’s brand.
  • The #1 mistake new fashion entrepreneurs make when it comes to growing their brand (some established players make it too).
About Our Guest

Rachael McCrary

Passionate about entrepreneurship, Rachael McCrary mentors and advises other entrepreneurs on pitching, raising venture capital and early stage company development. She works closely with accelerators, investors and private equity funds. She enjoys helping startups in the embryonic and early stages to acquire suitable partners and investment vehicles.

Rachael was the CEO and Founder of Jewel Toned, the first shapewear for millennials. Rachael is a lingerie expert with 17 years of product development experience in the fashion industry. Throughout her career, she has worked overseeing product development for major brands and the largest retailers in the world.

Rachael won 10 pitch competitions, was named one of LA’s 100 Worthy Women, has won many business awards and notoriously raised $1 million at TechWeek. She is known for being both right and left brained, is passionate about innovation and focuses on product-market fit through the eyes of the consumer.

Rachael studied Fashion Design at FIDM in San Francisco and FIT in New York City. She’s a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher, RYT-500 and is currently enrolled in the Innovation Entrepreneurship program at Stanford University.


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