A Blueprint for Sustainability

A Blueprint for Sustainability

Sustainability is a hot topic in the fashion business. Major brands have promised to become “more sustainable”. Yet most players aren’t always sure what that means or how to go about it.

Enter Common Objective, a London-based B2B sustainable fashion platform that helps brands and suppliers better work together to bring more true-sustainable products to market. We speak with Qiulae Wong, Head of Product & Marketing.


  • The Sustainability Roadmap: How to turn a desire to do good in the world into practical action.
  • The 50-year old idea that is driving modern sustainability in a time of global climate change.
  • CASE STUDY: How one accessories brand worked with local firefighters to create luxury goods from used firehoses.
  • A blunt insight about consumer behavior when it comes to selling sustainability
  • What role business, consumers and governments have to play in an industry that suffers greatly from the “tragedy of the commons” problem.
About Our Guest

Qiulae Wong

Qiulae Wong is the Head of Product & Marketing at B2B sustainable fashion platform, Common Objective. Launched by the team behind the Ethical Fashion Forum in May 2018, CO is the go-to tool for fashion professionals wanting to drive successful, sustainable business. Qiulae has over 10 years experience in marketing for purpose-led, digital campaigns and is particularly passionate about supporting fashion businesses to drive sustainability alongside commercial success.


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