Personalization: Your “Secret” Weapon

When given the opportunity, fashion consumers will choose a personalized experience over a one-size-fits-all encounter. Over the last few years, leading direct-to-consumer brands have used that preference to get a leg up on the competition, taking market share in the process.

In today’s market – where brands need every advantage they can get – personalization has become a critical way to compete for limited consumer spending brought on by the pandemic.


  • An in-depth look at how one direct-to-consumer lingerie brand uses personalization to deliver a truly unique experience.
  • The key difference between “personal service” and “personalization” – and why it matters.
  • The psychology behind getting “permission to sell” and why every brand should do it.
  • How to get started with your own personalization system (7 Steps).
About Our Guest

Brandon Roe

Brandon Roe is an author and the host of The Fashion Consumer, a popular podcast that offers fresh ideas and insights into the ever-changing fashion consumer. With a rare skill set that brings together cutting-edge technology and consumer-centered marketing, he has worked with clients in eight countries and three languages over the past two decades.


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