The Modest Fashion Consumer [Sew Elevated]

The Modest Fashion Consumer [Sew Elevated]

Modest fashion has grown from being exclusively associated with religion to a style embraced by the mainstream as an alternative to the often-provocative looks associated with many standard brands. In this interview, we speak with Dr. Nicole Muhammad, a clinical psychologist and founder of Sew Elevated – a young brand that combines modest dress with unique, fashion-forward forward style.


  • The three factors that define “modest fashion”
  • How brands big and small can authentically serve this consumer segment without offense or threat of cultural appropriation
  • A brilliant answer to a common criticism: that it’s regressive or anti-feminist
About Our Guest

Dr. Nicole Muhammad

Dr. Nicole Muhammad has had a love for fashion all her life. However, it wasn’t until 2010, when she joined the Nation of Islam, that she recognized her path in the industry. Her disappointment with the lack of variety and innovation in today’s modest women’s wear designs propelled her towards a solution, and launched the Sew Elevated collection in 2018.

In addition to custom garments, Sew Elevated provides carefully curated, fashion forward styles for the fabulously modest woman. All fabrics and garments are painstakingly sourced to ensure the most distinguished style. With great feedback from clientele, Sew Elevated expanded in one short year and is excited to venture into ready-to-wear collections. Dr. Nicole intends to secure Sew Elevated as the premier fashion destination for the dignified woman who refuses to sacrifice style in her modesty.

As a clinical psychologist who holds a doctorate from Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dr. Nicole knows the power that clothing can have on our mind, emotions, behaviors and the behaviors of others. As a result of her work in the black community, she was honored to receive a United Nations Muhammad Ali Global Peace Initiative Women of Impact Award in January 2019. Dr. Nicole views such an honor as motivation to continue to positively influence others through their thinking and dress. She is a proud wife and mother who wants her work to be an example both globally and at home.



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