How to Make Your Customer go “What?!!”

How to Make Your Customer go “What?!!”

Michelle Judson got into the fashion business with a dream to create something special and do some good in the process – and no experience. For Michelle, that turned out to be a good thing when it came to understanding the fashion consumer.


  • How her modular approach to fashion gives sustainability-minded consumers the best of both worlds with a single, high-quality bra that can be quickly “modified” to give it a fresh look
  • How to make your customer go “What?!” (in a positive way)
  • A simple but brilliant way to engage your customers to chase a corporate charity goal (in this case, donating bras to underprivileged teens)
  • Michelle’s #1 business lesson that everyone in the fashion business would do well to remember
About Our Guest

Michelle Judson

Michelle Judson is the founder and CEO of Changewear®. As an inventor and curious designer, Michelle believes in creating products that reflect us as individuals, reduce waste and give back to society.

Michelle created Changewear® personalized intimate apparel as a solution to apparel needs, a demand for personalization and a sustainable fashion brand. Changewear® is a women’s lifestyle brand that is committed to meeting women where they are, connecting their minds, bodies and souls through personalized fashion, community and connection.

Michelle has over twenty years of experience running projects and teams while creating unique customer experiences. Michelle is a dynamic public speaker and lends her voice for fundraising.

Michelle professionally speaks on three different topics: as a patient advocate, as a badass entrepreneur that has bootstrapped her company into reality and about connecting as a community to amplify our voices.

Michelle loves to unite women, create impact and inspire us to go farther. And she is passionate about supporting cancer research, children’s support organizations and underserved youth.


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