Sustainability Trends in the Fashion Industry

Sustainability Trends in the Fashion Industry

Fashion Designer turned Trends Forecaster Melanie Plank has developed a keen insight on what’s about to be “hot” in the coming seasons. She currently specializes in the complicated area that is fashion industry sustainability.


  • The positive and negative trends in fashion industry sustainability.
  • The negative – and rarely discussed – side of the “circular economy.”
  • The biggest problem with most “vegan alternative” fabrics, and how to solve it.
  • How brands can communicate their green credentials: two radically different approaches.
About Our Guest

Melanie Plank

Melanie is Head of Content at Common Objective, a B2B sustainable fashion platform launched in 2018. CO is a tool and insight hub for fashion professionals wishing to do business more sustainably.

Melanie has over 11 years experience in trend forecasting, business innovation insight and strategy, having worked for leading insight and innovation agencies WGSN and Stylus as well as a brand strategy consultant for leading European brands. 


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