The Direct-To-Consumer World [Luca Faloni]

The Direct-To-Consumer World [Luca Faloni]

Luca Faloni is the product of two dominant trends – globalisation making it easy for talented folks to move in search of opportunity and the internet making it easy for brands to reach consumers directly. After seeing the direct-to-consumer trend firsthand in Silicon Valley, Luca launched his eponymous brand to serve a global clientele that wanted high quality Italian menswear at a very affordable price.

Seven years later, with a strong web presence and retail stores in London, Sweden and New York, he proves how this model can work.


  • How to use data-driven personalization to deliver amazing customer service, better understand the market and identify new sales opportunities.
  • The hardest thing about running a direct-to-consumer brand.
  • Insights into the sort of consumer that wants tailoring on par with the greatest luxury brands, but without the high price.
About Our Guest

Luca Faloni

Luca is a fashion entrepreneur developing the first direct-to-consumer menswear brand truely made in Italy.

His label, Luca Faloni, is a vertically integrated premium luxury lifestyle brand. They carefully research the finest materials for each design (currently focusing on cashmere, linen, fine cotton and full grain leather) and select the best artisans and small manufacturers in Italy. By delivering directly to consumers, Luca Faloni offers more value to their garments by skipping the middlemen.

Luca grew up in Turin, Piedmont, and currently lives in both London and Milan, where his design teamoperates. Previously he worked in strategy consulting for Bain & Company in their London and

San Francisco offices, on several projects for major corporations across Europe and US.

He has an international academic background, having studied global politics, finance and economics, between London School of Economics, Universita’ Bocconi, and Wharton Business School. He is a keen reader and traveller, having visited more than 50 countries.



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