What Bra Size Says About the Fashion Consumer

What Bra Size Says About the Fashion Consumer

If you’re a size A, you’re a tomboy. Size B-C, you’re normal. Size D, sexy. Anything more is too much.

Who would have thought a simple letter could hold so much meaning? But as our guest, bra-fitting expert Kimmay Caldwell, explains, it has a huge effect on self-esteem. Why this is and how to reframe the conversation to empower the fashion consumer is our focus today.


  • How a simple set of letters can dramatically change someone’s self-esteem – and what that means for us as fashion brand marketers
  • Practical advice for brands trying to adapt to the demand for transparency, sustainability and inclusiveness
  • What the female intimates consumer really, really wants
About Our Guest

Kimmay Caldwell

Kimmay Caldwell is an intimates industry expert with over a decade of experience. Her vast knowledge spans from bra fitting cup sizes AA-N, retail and e-commerce, marketing and content creation, buying and wholesale – and more. Her multifaceted background in the industry has made her a valuable ally for brands who aim for an authentic and empowering message. Her work includes behind-the-scenes marketing through her marketing company, Hurray Media, writing and non-airbrushed images on her website Hurray Kimmay, and an impressive portfolio of media mentions. You may have seen her on The Today Show, the Rachael Ray Show or The Martha Stewart Show to name a few.

The creator of the global campaign, #MoreThanMyNumbers, she also educates people to find their bra size but not be defined by it. And because the bra fitting experience kickstarted her own body love journey, she uses a blend of education and inspiration to help people of all sizes and genders to do the same. Her mission as a bra fitter, coach, consultant, and media personality is always to empower people to use lingerie and undergarments as a way to say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™.


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