“Authenticity” as a path to fashion brand success

"Authenticity" as a path to fashion brand success

What’s the key to building a strong, authentic fashion brand today? Kelly Dee Williams of branding agency Superbase brings an interesting perspective to the conversation. Over the last few years, he’s built a practice that helps brands communicate that rare – but important – selling point: authenticity.


  • What it takes to build a strong brand today
  • Why it’s not a good idea to start a fashion brand "just for the money"… at least, not without this second motivator
  • How to make your own fashion brand stand out in a very competitive market
About Our Guest

Kelly Dee Williams

Photographer: Andy Vanderkaay


Kelly Dee Williams, a US-based designer, artist, and entrepreneur has established a reputation as a uniquely process-minded Creative Director in the lifestyle brands sector.

His design touch has been featured by the likes of Altamont, Analog/Burton, Asics, Blueprint London, Compatriot, DVS, éS, Nike 6.0, Teton Gravity, 2K by Gingham, and his own family of brands distributed under the Permanent Brand Group label.

Williams was the Global Creative Director for DVS, one of the leading action sports footwear brands, before founding SUPERBASE in 2016. SUPERBASE is a multidisciplinary design firm providing creative direction, brand strategy, and design to organizations ranging from emerging startups to international enterprises.

In addition to his role as Executive Creative Director for SUPERBASE, Williams is an Adjunct Professor of Graphic Design at BYU Idaho and has been featured in several international publications, including the Los Logos series by Gestalten Publishing, Juxtapoz, and Thrasher Magazine. To learn more about Kelly Dee Williams, visit kellydeewilliams.com.



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