Serving the Luxury Curvy Market [11 Honoré]

Serving the Luxury Curvy Market [11 Honoré]

11 Honoré helped pioneer luxury fashion for the curvy consumer. Over the last three years, they have teamed up with well-known luxury brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs, to offer their customers beautiful clothing in sizes 12 through 24.


  • How 11 Honoré used an “obvious” void in the market to create a brand that attracts exceptionally loyal customers.
  • Thoughts on how the curvy fashion market has changed over the years as more fashion choices are made available to this segment.
  • We discuss two objections common to customers in this market segment… and how 11 Honoré was able to overcome them in a respectful way.
  • The benefits of building a personal relationship with your customer base.
About Our Guest

Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy is Vice President of Client Services for the size inclusive etailer and fashion industry disruptor, 11 Honoré. Utilizing her 20 years of VIP and luxury sales experience, Murphy has doubled the growth of 11 Honoré’s Client Services department month over month, cementing the private sales section of the company as an integral and thriving part of the overall business.

Based in New York City, Murphy’s approach to her work spans far beyond selling clothes. As a key figure in the pioneering company, she considers every client as an individual and understands the nuances of size and shape in helping each person discover their unique style. Murphy regularly sees clients all over the globe, working to expand the in person reach of 11 Honoré to a previously overlooked sector of the market. 



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