When Your Fashion Brand Doesn’t Find Instant Success

When Your Fashion Brand Doesn’t Find Instant Success

Jess Fleischer admits that his brand – Son of a Tailor – wasn’t initially a great success. But he and his team persisted. They followed customer feedback and built a better product for a very specific sort of customer. Five years later – based on the simple value proposition of custom, fitted and tailor-made T-Shirts – they’ve not only survived but thrived… and have weathered the COVID-19 crisis pretty well indeed.


  • Understanding the consumer segment that buys a higher-quality, better fitting T-Shirt.
  • What to do when your brand doesn’t immediately find success in the market.
  • Understanding how adding up “the simple things” can serve as an effective Unique Selling Proposition.
About Our Guest

Jess Fleischer

Jess Fleischer, Co-Founder of Son of a Tailor, wondered why t-shirts only came in four or six sizes long before he entered fashion professionally. Previously an engineer, he studied lean manufacturing concepts across many industries both as a student and as a management consultant. After a stint heading up Business Development in the Nordics (and before that at eBay), he decided to leave it all and start Son of a Tailor with Andreas Langhorn.
Jess says: “I wanted to start Son of a Tailor because I could see that a better business and sustainability was possible – at least in theory. When I first got to know the fashion industry, I was devastated to learn how antiquated the industry was and still is. The fashion industry is still all about mass-production, hidden factories, and very few actual specifications. Similarly, the industry seems to disregard technological advances and shifts in consumer purchasing behaviors. I think everyone, within our system, including our customers, completely subscribe to our model now.”

Son of a Tailor

Son of a Tailor is a clothing company built on the principles of expert craftsmanship, simple Danish design, sustainable production methods and the simple but ambitious aspiration to make the best T-Shirt in the world.

As the first company in the world to make T-Shirts to our customers exact measurements, we are spearheading a way of making clothes that does not rely on mass production but individualisation and lean production.

All of our T-Shirts are made to order, one by one. By creating something unique for our customers we hope to establish a relationship that will last and evolve throughout their lifetime.

We do not have any stockpiles of unsold T-Shirts in warehouses. We start the tailoring of our T-Shirts when our customers order them, never before.

We are carrying on a tradition of Danish design aesthetics that we respect and honor. We believe in simplicity, quality and expert craftsmanship.


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