Selling to the Silent Majority

It’s an often-overlooked segment of the market. But the silent majority, in the words of our guest Jennifer Mackey-Mary, can represent a good opportunity for certain fashion brands willing to make the effort to serve them.


  • Why it makes good sense to sell a solution instead of just another nice piece of clothing.
  • Keys to serving the silent majority market effectively.
  • The best way to get inside your client’s head… and how you win by doing so.
  • A surprising insight into body image issues… a strange side effect of the body positivity movement of recent years.
About Our Guest

Jennifer Mackey-Mary

Jennifer Mackey-Mary is a wardrobe stylist whose goal is to make style simple for women at every stage. Over the last 20 years, she’s dressed thousands of women, having held leadership positions with Chico’s, South Moon Under boutiques, and Gap Maternity before launching her own styling business. Jennifer believes in the transformative power of clothing and is on a mission to help women lead better lives through buying better pants. 


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