The Opportunity in “Contactless Apparel Shopping”

The Opportunity in “Contactless Apparel Shopping”

In this final episode of the season, we look at a fashion technology that has the potential to fundamentally change the way consumers try on clothing. Haniff Brown, co-founder of FIT:Match, shows us how contactless apparel shopping works, what today’s consumers think about it, and the reason why COVID-19 presents a once in a lifetime inflection point where consumers and brands will adopt new technologies.


  • The fundamentals driving the case for “contactless apparel shopping”
  • Consumer behavior change: How consumers are driving the demand for this technology
  • The challenge of introducing new tech to an industry not known for embracing the leading edge
  • His unique insights on how terrible the average human is at judging fit and how FIT:MATCH is completely reverse engineering the shopping journey to proactively start with fit (not only size) and end with style
About Our Guest

Haniff Brown

Haniff spent almost a decade in the retail and consumer investment industry. He worked at Freeman Spogli, a consumer based private equity firm in New York, where he helped to analyze new investments and help existing portfolio companies scale their businesses.

Haniff also spent three years as an investment banking analyst in the consumer and retail group at Credit Suisse. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Psychology from Williams College in 2009.

Fun fact: Haniff came up with the idea for FIT:MATCH after experiencing the painful process of being the one to have to return 20 items of clothing his cousin had gifted his mom, none of which fit her. He knew there had to be a better way.


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