Creating a New (Fast-Growing) Market Segment

Creating a New (Fast-Growing) Market Segment

Lululemon, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s – Gary Lenett has worked with the largest brands in the industry but 5 years ago, after three decades in the denim business, he wanted something different. That was the start of DUER, a fast-growing “adventure-ready apparel” brand based in Vancouver, Canada.


  • 3 critical factors needed for any brand that wants to grow fast (and yes, luck is one part of it)
  • A primer on the new market segment DUER is helping to build from the ground up
  • A counterintuitive – but still accurate – assessment of the sustainability movement
  • The challenges and opportunities for the denim industry going forward
About Our Guest

Gary Lenett

The brand’s founder, Gary Lenett, came from a long line of denim experts, and he wanted to create a denim that had performance attributes so he could bike through Vancouver and hit the office afterwards. Athleisure wasn’t the answer for Gary, so he quickly started experimenting with fabric blends and the design of the jeans to create the ultimate outdoor-fashion-athletic apparel. DUER was born and pioneered this category. Launching in 2014, the brand has grown 100% year over year, and is quite popular in North America and Europe. 



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