What Bra Size Says About the Fashion Consumer

If you’re a size A, you’re a tomboy. B-C, you’re normal. Size D, sexy. Anything more is too much. Who would have thought a simple letter could hold so much meaning?

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What Makes Oprah, Goop and Spanx Winning Brands

Fashion designer by training and serial entrepreneur by temperament, Rachael McCrary has seen a lot, done a lot – and learned a lot – over her 25 years in the business.

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Understanding the Disabled Fashion Consumer

We take an emotional journey into a growing market: fashion for people who have a disability of one sort or another. Nancy Connor, the founder of one such company, helps us understand why her products are needed and the opportunity it offers for big-hearted and business-savvy brands.

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How to Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

Featuring Wharton professor Barbara Kahn. Her latest book, The Shopping Revolution, shows retailers how to adapt to a consumer-driven world.  We discuss the simple focus that made Amazon so dominant…and how to use that insight to beat them at their own game. She shares how Warby Parker dented the once-untouchable Luxottica’s lucrative eyewear business. And...

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How the World of Publishing Can Create a Winning Fashion Brand

At first glance, Brian Kurtz might not be an obvious choice to teach us how to win in the fashion business. But after decades in the world of publishing, he has a lot of valuable lessons smart fashion brands can use to win in their niche. He’ll share how results-based marketing can help fashion brands...

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Make the Right First Impression with Packaging

Just like people judge a book by its cover, they judge your product by its packaging. That’s where Lizzièe Jeréz comes in. She’s worked with lingerie brands like Smart & Sexy, RBX, Christian Lacroix and others to create powerful packages that add value to the product inside them.

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