Heels that let you dance the night away (pain-free)

Heels that let you dance the night away (pain-free)

Most women know the pain that comes from dancing all night on a set of heels. It was one such experience that prompted the Leung twins to address the problem using space age materials, designing a shoe that allows the wearer to be on her feet longer with less discomfort. For more than 10 years, they’ve offered Hey Lady shoes to clientele ranging from teens to near-centenarians, and learned a lot about great customer service in the process.


  • Why women still wear heels today even though it’s so hard on the body… the surprising twist on a phenomenon found in 1,500 cultures around the world…
  • The unique process helping Hey Lady create shoes that stand head and shoulders above the competition.
  • How to turning terminal cancer into a positive cause to help charity.
About Our Guest

Emily & Jessica Leung

Hey Lady, the brainchild of twins Emily & Jessica Leung, is a vintage chic special occasion shoe with modern comfort; fusing style, technology, and personality into the perfect fit.

Always known as the Leung Twins, the sisters live by the mottoes, “Everything with a sense of style and humor,” and the improvisational rule of thumb, “Yes, and?”

Hey Lady debuted online in Spring 2009 and grew from word of mouth. They have shipped their shoes to over 35 countries, from the United Arab Emirates to New Zealand, providing accessible luxury with lasting comfort to brides, bridesmaids, MOBs, and dancing queens worldwide.

The Leung Twins have been named WWD/Footwear News’ “Ones to Watch,” Entrepreneur magazine’s “Sibling Dream Teams,” and Forbes magazine’s “Glampreneurs.” They will be bringing Little Lady mommy & me shoes, as well as RetroFIT, the perfect fit and ultimate comfort bespoke shoe, to market soon. 

Hey Lady is a heart-centric company and considers themselves in the love biz. Naturally their heritage originated with weddings and have since expanded to all special occasions including daily life. Love yourself, love your body, love your journey.

Hey Lady rebels against trend-driven, fast-fashion copycats with completely original designs. These classic-with-a-twist styles are as fun, unique, and sassafras as the wearer herself. Always effortlessly chic, the versatile collections span occasions and generations having been worn on all ages 14-94. Ageless, season-less, and timeless



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