How to Stand Out in a World of Brand “Sameness”

How to Stand Out in a World of Brand “Sameness”

With 17 years experience, Elaine Mensah uses her expertise in the worlds of communications, fashion, tech and entrepreneurship to help her clients elevate their presence and position in the market.


  • The surprising reason why a focus on short term financial success can hurt the long term prospects of a brand
  • What the state of the luxury car industry says about the fashion business
  • 5 Ways to connect with your consumer in a way that makes her WANT to do business with you
  • How to turn a “customer” into a proper “brand ambassador” [The 4 Elements]
  • How globalization harms a brand’s ability to stand out from its competitors (a warning)
About Our Guest

Elaine Mensah

Elaine Mensah is a strategist and creative with 17+ years’ experience in communications, fashion, tech and entrepreneurship. A natural at conceptualizing creative ideas, Elaine has worked with brands large and small across industries to elevate their presence and position in the market. Her expertise is in business development, branding, international relations, and strategic partnerships.

*Please Note:* It seems a pair of Internet gremlins decided to jump in and out of today’s episode from time to time, leaving the occasional scratch and clicking noises along the way. Although listeners of classic records will feel right at home, it might be a little irritating to listeners used to crystal clear digital sound. However, Elaine had so much good content to share with our listeners that we simply had to release it to you. Enjoy! 🙂


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