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The Opportunity in “Contactless Apparel Shopping”

In this final episode of the season, we look at a fashion technology that has the potential to fundamentally change the way consumers try on clothing. Haniff Brown, co-founder of FIT:Match, shows us how contactless apparel shopping works.

When Your Fashion Brand Doesn’t Find Instant Success

Jess Fleischer admits that his brand – Son of a Tailor – wasn’t initially a great success. But he and his team persisted. They followed customer feedback and built a better product for a very specific sort of customer.

To Build a Great (Luxury) Consumer Experience…

Gucci, Omega and Barneys New York are just a few of the well-known brands Christopher Lacy has worked with. Over 20+ years in the business, he has developed a specialty in creating amazing customer experiences – especially for affluent clients.

Fashion Tech Trends and Stronger Consumer Relationships

Sabinna Rachimova might never have become a fashion designer, having been rejected from her first-choice fashion school. But she persisted and the fashion world is richer for it. As well as managing her own eponymous brand, she lectures at the London College of Fashion and has worked with the Fashion Innovation Agency.

The Arrival of Digital Fashion

For most of the fashion world, COVID-19 has been nothing short of a disaster. But, as Kerry Murphy attests, within crisis can come opportunity. His Amsterdam-based firm, The Fabricant, works with brands of all calibers to create purely digital fashion products.

Personalization: Your “Secret” Weapon

When given the opportunity, fashion consumers will choose a personalized experience over a one-size-fits-all encounter. Over the last few years, leading direct-to-consumer brands have used that preference to get a leg up on the competition, taking market share in the process.

Building a Social Responsibility Brand

tentree was founded as a fashion brand with an underlying goal: to help plant more trees around the world in order to stem climate change. It’s clearly a message that’s resonated with consumers.

The Direct-To-Consumer World [Luca Faloni]

Luca Faloni is the product of two dominant trends – globalisation making it easy for talented folks to move in search of opportunity and the internet making it easy for brands to reach consumers directly.

The Modest Fashion Consumer [Sew Elevated]

Modest fashion has grown from being exclusively associated with religion to a style embraced by the mainstream as an alternative to the often-provocative looks associated with many standard brands.

The (Long-Term) Coronavirus Opportunity?

The Coronavirus has clearly turned the fashion world on its head. Fashion brands are announcing massive revenue drops. Luxury conglomerates down double digits.



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