Top-Tier Photographer on Photo Campaigns Your Customers Will Love

Top-Tier Photographer on Photo Campaigns Your Customers Will Love

Fendi Casa, Hanky Panky, Nike and Diesel have worked with her. Vogue, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Nylon have published her photos. So when award-winning commercial fashion and portrait photographer Becky Yee shares insights on her craft, it’s worth it to listen.


  • What it takes to make a great photo campaign in today’s market
  • The proper role of the photographer in creating a powerful visual statement, something that goes beyond the image itself
  • What a consumer really looks for in their imagery – and why it’s not just a pretty picture
  • How to capture the uniqueness of a subject, whether it be a person, a product or the essence of a brand
About Our Guest

Becky Yee

Becky Yee is an award-winning commercial fashion and portrait photographer and a visual content creator. She is also the owner of Around Digital Media, a boutique studio and production company based in New York City.

A world citizen, she has traveled to over 35 countries on commercial and editorial assignments. Her keen eye for capturing the moment has led her to cover events from the US Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament to the Fuji Rock festival in Japan. Her work has appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone, Billboard, NME, MTV, SonicScoop, Esquire and Nylon. Her commercial and curated portfolio has attracted clients from around the world including Brooks Running, Camelbak, Oofos, Footlocker, Footaction, Anita, Anna Sui, Samsung, Tumi, Fendi Casa, Adam Levine Collection, Hanky Panky, Diesel, Nike and Puma.

With a background in advertising and PR, Becky has also helped open the WireImage Tokyo Office as well as worked for BET’s show Black Life in Japan and Fox International’s Backstage Pass.

As a native New Yorker, her inquisitive nature has evolved to an acclaimed expertise in cultural commentary. Clients embrace Becky’s discerning eye and her contemporaries consider her a piercingly tender artist. Recent Awards include the prestigious Siena International Photo Awards and Tokyo International Foto Awards for her Beyond Pink portrait series and her solo show More Than a Woman. Becky has been recognized by ArtForum (NY Critics Pick) and The Village Voice (Best in Show + Voice Choices).

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