Lessons from a Radically Transparent Fashion Brand

Lessons from a Radically Transparent Fashion Brand

Asket is a very different fashion brand. They don’t rely on seasons or drops. They don’t change up their product lines very much. They don’t offer discounts or have sales. And yet, over the past five years, they’ve made a strong impact in the menswear market, building a wide fan base in the process. Co-founder August Bard Bringéus tells us how they did it.


  • How to use crowdsourcing to prove market demand… they raised more than 4.5x their goal in three weeks.
  • How to introduce real transparency in a supply chain – and why most fashion brands will never be able to do it.
  • How to build a fashion brand that doesn’t rely on constant product change and style turnover.
About Our Guests

August Bard Bringéus

The inspiration for ASKET came to August while at the Stockholm School of Economics, where he and fellow co-founder Jakob Dworsky were classmates. August saw an opportunity in fashion’s unchanging business model to move away from the industry’s seasonal churn and instead introduce a permanent collection of mindfully produced, quality and timeless garments – only sold online.

Since launching ASKET, August has continued to push for change in the fashion industry by introducing wholly new business practices; from launching ASKET’s Traceability Standard (aimed at  achieving 100% traceability across the collection’s supply chain), to introducing a lifecycle analysis project. With these bold ambitions, ASKET is quickly becoming a thought-leader for best practices within the industry.

Prior to starting ASKET, August worked in management consultancy as well as at a fintech start-up, where he built experience in launching start-ups and introducing new practices to market. 



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