How to Build a Winning Sustainability Strategy

How to Build a Winning Sustainability Strategy

Ana Roncha has worked with established international fashion and lifestyle brands, academia, media, start-up communities and international organizations, specializing in strategic fashion marketing and fashion brand development.

In today’s conversation, we talk about one of her areas of expertise: Sustainability Strategy.


  • The “3+1” holistic approach to sustainability – breaking down the elements in the search for an effective strategy
  • How consumer demand for more sustainable solutions is driving new business models like the sharing economy
  • A frank discussion about whether consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable clothing
  • How fashion brands can successfully communicate their sustainability credentials without coming across as fake.
About Our Guest

Ana Roncha


Ana Roncha is an internationally recognized educator with close to two decades specializing in strategic fashion marketing and fashion brand development.

Ana holds a PhD in Design and Marketing Management for the Fashion Industry and has previous degrees in Communication. She is a Course Director for the London College of Fashion’s flagship Masters in Strategic Fashion Marketing and lectures in the fields of Fashion Business Strategies, Global Branding, Strategic Marketing, Communications as well as Sustainability Strategy.

Ana has collaborated with the World Economic Forum and Accenture on projects related to the Future of Retail, Business Model Innovation and the Impact of Technology and Changing Consumer Demand for the Fashion and Lifestyle industries. She has also lectured at various universities and business schools.

Ana holds a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Enterprise and Innovation, is a fellow of the HEA and her research has been published in academic journals and featured in conferences worldwide. Co-author of the book Fashion Management: A Strategic Approach as well as the Case Centre’s best-selling case study on Ethics and Social Responsibility 2018.


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