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The Fashion Consumer offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer. Featuring experts from the fashion world, this podcast mainly caters to folks in the creative and marketing departments of middle- to larger fashion brands.

The Back Story

My journey into fashion started in my twenties with a desire to dress better. Over time, it turned into a passion.

I read a lot and found clients in the fashion world. My wife and I started a hobby fashion Instagram account (@sevencorsets).

During the years I travelled a lot for work, I made it a point to visit the most interesting local retail shops.

I had many great experiences. Like my first visit to Hugo Boss just steps from Mozart’s birthplace. Or working with my personal shopper Michael at a much-loved concept store in Vancouver.

Through all of this, I noticed something.

While many indies get it, by and large, most well-established brands don’t connect well with their customers.

And it causes them to miss important things.

Starting with the term “consumer.”

That’s what the industry calls its customers. But it’s very cold.

These are mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. They are people with a story; people who have fought and won and lost; who have experienced joy and pain.

They are just like you and me. We’re all human beings. Understanding who these people are and what drives them is the focus of this project.

Our podcast, “The Fashion Consumer,” is a nod to the industry and a critique of it. It’s about people who love fashion. And it offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand those people.

Because when you serve them better, yes, you’ll make more sales.

And, just as important, we’ll show you how to do it in a way that does some good in the world.

Some people have asked,

Why me?

Well, I’ve been in the world of marketing and graphics for 20 years now.

I once heard that a great creative director is someone who knows how to do everything creative under the sun. For the most part, that’s been my career – I learn by doing and I’ve done a lot.

In the beginning, I handled all the work. From manual website coding to editing photos. Illustrations to art direction. And everything in between.

As the practice has grown over time, we’ve built a team to get things done. I’m more of a guide now.

Thanks to this experience, I know the strategy and the tactics that go into a successful campaign. And I know how to bring that campaign to life.

Why is this podcast needed now?

Thanks in great part to social media, it’s easy for brands to get in trouble.

It’s easy for a misunderstanding to turn into a full-blown crisis. We don’t have to look too hard to find examples.

Gucci’s blackface sweater.

Burberry’s noose fiasco at London Fashion Week.

The racism-driven collapse of Dolce and Gabbana’s business in China.

The Victoria’s Secret show – once the most popular marketing tool they had – is now a constant source of criticism.

The Fashion Consumer helps you avoid mishaps.

Each episode will introduce you to someone from the industry. They are specialists in their area, whether influencers on the front lines, tastemakers or other experts with something valuable to share.

The target audience here is folks in the marketing and creative departments of mid- to large-size brands. People who are already well informed but want a different perspective.

Not everything you’ll hear will be cutting-edge or mind-blowing. That’s not always needed.

As my coach is fond of saying, small hinges swing big doors. In other words, small ideas often yield big results.

I sincerely hope you like it. But if you don’t, let me know how we can make it better.

After all, success is always a work in progress.

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