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The Fashion Consumer started out as a weekly podcast offering fresh ideas and insights into the ever-changing fashion consumer. Each week, we reach thousands of industry professionals – from the most innovative start-ups to storied heritage brands.

Over time, our mission grew as clients across the industry began asking if we had more to deliver. Together with Dr. Michael Solomon, a world leader in consumer research and insights, our founder Brandon Roe created Why Fashion Brands Die.

Today, using a mix of human insight and machine intelligence, we deliver remarkable consumer insights for domestic and international fashion brands. This helps them enjoy faster growth, higher profits and a competitive advantage. (You can learn more about them here.)

Our core philosophy: You don’t need more data; you need better insights presented succinctly.

About our Founder


More than seven million people have heard Brandon Roe speak about fashion consumer insights and trends, especially as it relates to the role of technology in today’s hyper-connected world. He has been featured in mainstream media outlets, including SiriusXM, the iHeart Radio Network and the Jim Bohannon show, one of the largest such programs in the country.

Together with consumer research pioneer Dr. Michael Solomon, he wrote Why Fashion Brands Die & How to Save Them. Designed for fashion industry marketers, the book shows how struggling brands can recover and already successful brands be made more lucrative, simply by focusing on the consumer and serving them better.

Over two decades in the business, Brandon has worked with clients in eight countries and three languages, giving a very international perspective to his client engagements.

About the Podcast

The Fashion Consumer podcast offers fresh ideas and insights to better understand the ever-changing fashion consumer.

In addition to regular insights generated from our own work, we introduce you to guests – from innovative brands to fashion schools, from the trade press to influencers.

Episodes can include:

  • Broad perspectives on how the consumer or a market sub-segment has changed over time.
  • In-depth looks at very specific segments of the larger fashion world.
  • Coverage of hot topics within the industry and the broader consumer market.
  • Innovative brands serving the fashion consumer in a unique way (often driven by technology).

Each week, we reach thousands of marketing professionals – from the most innovative indies to storied heritage brands, from interns to the C-Suite.


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