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Lessons Learned from Doing (Almost) Every Job in Fashion

She’s been a model, art director, CEO and worked in retail. She’s produced fashion films and is a media personality and lifestyle contributor. In fact, there are few things...

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How to Stand Out in a World of Brand “Sameness”

With 17 years experience, Elaine Mensah uses her expertise in the worlds of communications, fashion, tech and entrepreneurship to help her clients elevate their presence and position in the...

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Successfully Creating Wearable Tech Products With Consumers in Mind

It started with a pendant that transformed into fully functional earphones. In the process, Seetal Fatania saw the struggle many wearables designers have building a customer base for a...

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Top-Tier Photographer on Photo Campaigns Your Customers Will Love

Fendi Casa, Hanky Panky, Nike and Diesel have worked with her. Vogue, Esquire, Rolling Stone and Nylon have published her photos. So when award-winning commercial fashion and portrait photographer...

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How to Build a Winning Sustainability Strategy

Ana Roncha has worked with established international fashion and lifestyle brands, academia, media, start-up communities and international organizations, specializing in strategic fashion marketing and fashion brand development. 

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How to Make Your Customer go “What?!!”

Michelle Judson got into the fashion business with a dream to create something special and do some good in the process – and no experience. For Michelle, that turned...

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What Bra Size Says About the Fashion Consumer

If you’re a size A, you’re a tomboy. B-C, you’re normal. Size D, sexy. Anything more is too much. Who would have thought a simple letter could hold so...

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What Makes Oprah, Goop and Spanx Winning Brands

Fashion designer by training and serial entrepreneur by temperament, Rachael McCrary has seen a lot, done a lot – and learned a lot – over her 25 years in...

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Understanding the Disabled Fashion Consumer

We take an emotional journey into a growing market: fashion for people who have a disability of one sort or another. Nancy Connor, the founder of one such company,...

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How to Beat Amazon at Its Own Game

Featuring Wharton professor Barbara Kahn. Her latest book, The Shopping Revolution, shows retailers how to adapt to a consumer-driven world.  We discuss the simple focus that made Amazon so...

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